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Using a Tablet or Cell Phone?

For Android Users: Go to the Play Store and search for "Shoutcast". Any free player should do but I have occasionally had problems using the first one that came up on my list, named "SHOUTcast" which is powered by Truxgo, so you may want to try another player that has a search function, like Jukebox/Shoutcast Internet Radio, or Internet Radio Player. When you have it loaded do a search (usually a magnifying glass icon) and enter "Harmony Road Radio" (no quotation marks) and click the search button in your keyboard on the tablet or cell phone. The station should appear and you can click the Play button to get the stream.

For IPad Users: In the App Store search for and download an app named Tuned Radio and install it. In the top right corner of the screen, click on the Shoutcast button, then on Search at the top of the screen.

In the search filed enter "Harmony Road Radio" with the caps but not with the quotation marks. Click in the bubble next to the station to select it, then click Done in the top left corner of the screen.

On the next screen, click the play button at the centre of the bottom of the screen.

If you go back to the main screen you will see it is full of advertising. After that they will try to sell you an equalizer, and make it difficult for you to choose not, but a temporary fix is to choose to buy the equalizer, then click Cancel on the pop-up.

Recent Updates:

Note: Recently added tracks will be played more frequently than others.

2017.10.21 - Tracks added from a barn session at Al Luby's place on September 27, 2017. Contributors were George Moore, Mike McDermott, Al Luby, Jim Peasley, Mike Young, Brad Young and Slim Craig.

2017.08.23 - Tracks added from a CD by Gordon Stickwood

2017.08.23 - Tracks added from the CD "Our Memories #1" by Betty and Jack McMurray

2017.08.23 - 15 new tracks added from a taping session on August 22nd. Contributors were George Moore, Woody Stone, Gnarly C. Cord, and Bob Foster.

2017.08.22 - SOCAN license processed

2017.08.07 - Playlist now available at the end of this section.

2017.08.07 - Added all of Harmony Road Vol. 1 and several tracks by Bob Foster.

2017.08.03 - Added instructions for iPad Users re: Tuned Radio

2017.08.02 - Added all CD tracks for Gnarly C. Cord and George Moore

2017.07.31 - Shoutcast listing set up for Android tablet and cell phone users

2017.07.31 - Added 7 studio quality tracks from the Harmonettes

2017.07.30 - Stream established


Current Total Playlist: 138 tracks + intro, approximately 7 hours of listening time. The play order is random.

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